Budget Rent a Car Case Study 1965 - 1990

"I intended to position Budget as a company with a difference; one that was an innovative, creative and aggressive company, thriving on competition in what was otherwise a pretty bland non competitive business environment.

Although I didn't know it at the time, I would have to change the work environment that then existed in Australia to achieve these goals. And the key ‘change' mechanism was to be ‘relationship marketing', not with-standing the fact this form of marketing had not been identified or for that matter knowingly practiced at the time."

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Bob Ansett was interviewed recently on Sky News, on the Business Channel


Bob Ansett in the ABC-hosted debate on De-amalgamation, held on the Sunshine Coast.  Bob and 'Friends of Noosa' went on to win victory in a historic vote in March 2013 that saw a landslide 80% in favour.  Read more.