Feedback On Bob Ansett

Bob Ansett gets a lot of appreciation from those whose events he graces.

Here's a sample of some of the feedback provided to Bob...

"Bob Ansett's presence has certainly created a great deal of discussion and the value of his presentation will, I'm sure, be felt for a long time to come."
Don Campbell, General Manager (Operations)
The Norwich Group - Aviva

"It was a (predictably) fabulous address, and certainly refreshing for somebody to use the forum to challenge the advertising industry that packages everything professionally except itself."
Alan Tobin, Managing Director
Ideal Marketing

"Bob adapted his delivery to suit the group, which was WMC, and the overall Saturday session. A very special and honest discussion which has stayed with individuals throughout the course."
Judy Kent
Deakin Australia

"Your addresses on managing change and using your best sales tool - your team to develop a culture of customer satisfaction were enlightening and informative and according to our survey were ranked the most relevent presentations for our delegates."
Peter Busfield, Executive Director
Marine Industry Association

"Our company is buzzing with excitement after you shared your experiences and philosophies with us. Even now your "Can Do" motto is still as powerful as the day you discovered it. I am constantly hearing our employees say "Can Do" when they are faced with a situation that is difficult or out of the ordinary. "
Tom Ruonala, Managing Director
Uniline Australia Limited

"The team added an extra agenda item for the following day and in syndicate groups considered the "Bob Ansett Learnings", these were captured and woven into our customer relationship area; when I get the finalized meeting material I will send to you. Great story, many achievements and I can assure you that a part of your story will go forward now in our story."
John McGagh
Head of Rio Tinto Procurement

"Your discussion was both inspiring and insightful and I know all attendees benefited greatly from hearing from a true business "icon". Our "Premier " Sales Consultants spoke with great passion of your presentation on the Friday and will take away great enthusiasm back to each of their projects".
David Keir, Chief Operating Officer
Delfin Lend Lease Limited

"Your story reached out to many of my staff and they were talking about it for days after. I am hoping that this 'can do' will continue within my sales & marketing team to give us a successful 2006"
Fiona Schultz, CEO/Director
New Holland Publishers

"Bob was professional, friendly, and down-to-earth. He gave a fascinating, funny, impressive and very relevant talk about his journey in business, to which everyone in our quite diverse audience (from engineers and academics to sales managers and fabricators) could relate. He had wonderful and inspiring examples of attitude, service, and other points of difference that can help a company thrive or survive where competitors don't! In our post-conference survey, 48% or respondents rated his presentation as being one of the most valuable of the event (of some 38 presentations), the next most popular was at 23%. "
Anne Byrne
Composites Australia

"Bob, your timely yet enduring message about customer service excellence, delivered at the Sids and Kids function, was greatly valued. I'm sure that those who participated will have taken inspiration from it, and those who choose to practice it will take value.  In tougher times, it certainly pays to render more value, not less.  Thank you again."
Stephen Johnson, CEO
Strategy and Action

"Bob's experiences, as he applied them to the Mitre 10 business model, helped us reflect on what we can achieve if we continue to focus on and be empathetic to our customers.  In our business we have many stake holders and complex processes, which sometimes cloak the customer, but they are and will always remain the sole purpose of our business.
Bob illustrated through his address the eternal reality that our business only works if the customer says it works.  Further, Bob reinforced the critical importance of all stakeholders in business, particularly the value of our supply partners.  Thanks Bob, a job well done
Ben Leduc, GM Merchandise & Marketing
Mitre 10

"Stunning Bob... terrific feedback"
Ken Wiltshire
University of Queensland MBA Course

"Bob, everyone in Gulgong were really thrilled with your speech and they appreciated the time you spent talking to them afterwards."
Debbie Price
Celebrity Speakers

"Bob, everyone in Gulgong were really thrilled with your speech and they appreciated the time you spent talking to them afterwards.
Debbie Price
Celebrity Speakers

"Thanks Bob, your speech was most appropriate and has been referred to very positively by other presenters
Bob Faulkner
National disability Employment Forum

"Bob, I have had a lot of great feedback on your presentation."
Greg Sugars COO

"I am writing to offer my sincere thanks for your substantial contribution to UQ Business School's Enterprize competition in 2010.  Enterprize would not be the success that it is without your valuable support and your active involvement."
Professor Iain Watson UQ Business School Academic Dean & Head of School.

I was so impressed with the obvious thought that went into your words.  It was relevant and meaningful to everyone in the room and I have had many comments and emails from our store owners, personel and suppliers about your inciteful words.
Brian Cooper  CEO  Andersons Floor Coverings

"Bob, you gave us so much to think about, it was all relevant, all critical and delivered by someone with credibility and passion, I could not have asked for more.   The story you tell from the 60, 70, 80's was new and ground breaking then but I would suggest even more relevant today in 2011...I have to ask myself why we in business don't just do it.  What are we thinking and acting about if not Customer Service be they external or internal, yet sadly they are not always front of mind."
Nigel Williamson, National Sales Manager

"Bob, fantastic performance, polished anecdotes and well timed laughs.  I enjoyed it so much....everybody loved it."
Paul Brennan, convenor
Referral Breakfasts

"Bob, Your theme matched that of our conference perfectly......."Persistence Pays".  I noticed that members young and old related to your presentation and all came away with something they can apply to their business."
Colin Peace  Executive Officer
Australian Fodder Industry Association. 

We greatly appreciate the workshop you delivered on 'Being a Successful Intrapreneuer and Entrepreneur'.  It was one of our most successful workshops and your valuable experience helped engage delegates in the theme of the day". 
Tonya Williams, Director Marketing and Communications
AIESEC Australia 

"Thank you so much for the powerful message you delivered at our Foundation Live event in Sydney.  Our delegates received much value and the feedback has been tremendous."
Shane, Rach & Greg
Polaris Global   

"Bob, thank you ever so much for your wonderful presentation.  We have had fantastic feedback in regard to yourself and our company putting on an entertaining and informative afternoon."
Brad Dickson CEO
Lifestyle Windows. 

"Bob, 25 years ago, I was a young uni student you took the time to have a chat with.  I still remember on your door the words 'perception is reality'.  I now live in Shanghai and run  my own business.  Just wanted to say thanks  - your words of encouragement were the seed to do what I do today.
Tim Lyons
Manage China  

"Can you please pass on to Bob and Tom the AEMEE Board's special thanks for their presentations at the AEMEE conference last week.  Both speakers were just fabulous and the informal feedback from delegates has been nothing but positive."
Sally McMartin  Executive Officer

"Just letting you know feedback from Redlands CC was amazingly positive--they said Bob was incredibly generous with his time, absorbed all the information about them at the dinner prior to the presentation and tied it beautifully into the keynote"
Camille Carman
Saxton Speakers. 

"Bob,  We enjoyed having you.  You were a perfect 'fit' for our conference--very informative and entertaining.  So thank you."
Fiona Ross

"Bob, I just wanted to thank you for your talk at our event last night.  You had the whole audience engaged from start to finish.  Times may have changed since your start up days with Budget but in the end that 'Can Do' attitude never goes out of fashion."
Julie Schafer
ES&A Financial Services. 

Survey Feedback from Investors Edge Finance event. 
"Fascinating to listen someone who has actually walked the talk".  "If you can get him...bring him back again."  Yes, bring him back, we'll pay extra". "This might sound over the top but I seriously believe Bob's presentation was life changing for me"

"Thanks again for an inspiring presentation, I think my clients will be talking about you and your presentation for a long time.  A perfect way to celebrate five years of Platinum sessions with you as our keynote."
Andrew Gardiner, Principal
Investors Edge Finance 

To say that you made an impression on the 200 aerial applicators attending our Gold Coast Conference would be a significant understatement."
Phil Hurst CEO
Aerial Agricultural Association 

Thank you for speaking at our Tri Series Event last week.  I have recieved an enormous amount of positive feeback and personally enjoyed your presentation.

Elise Taylor
Lismore Chamber of Commerce.

Eighty percent of attendees rated Bob's presentation as Excellent or Very Good.
Neil Coupland, President Springfield Chamber of Commerce. 

Bob's talk to the first Near & Distant Stars event was amazing

Andrew Robertson and Jenny Tse, Joint Partners. 

Bob was really well received by all of us, a really personable  gentleman who was able to share his experiences, both good and bad and how to remain positive and keep persisting to win in the end.  We really enjoyed having him.
Natalie Dixon National Sales Manager Medvet.  04/08/14

The feedback on your presentation from the Conference, both informally and through the post conference survey was really positive.  Brett Howlett Development Director Mirvac.  04/09/2014 


Thank you so much for your presentation at our inaugural 'Good Morning Lismore' breakfast last week.  We have had some great feedback with everyone saying they enjoyed it very much.  I'm sure theere will be a renewed focus on excellent customer service in the weeks and months ahead.
Ellen Kronen  President LCCI


Thank you for participating and contributing towards the success of this years Business Epxpo.  Of the businesses who were there for your breakfast presentation, many of them came and thanked me for arranging your speaking engagement as they got a lot from your talkand thoroughly enjoyed it--so from them to you--thank you!
Peter Peterson Manager 



It was an absolute thrill to have you speak at our annual event.  The feedback I have recieved has been overwhelming and extremely positive. You were able to make an impact upon all those present both business owners and employees.  Thank you once again.   Brett Meads VASA Automotive.  


Bob Ansett was interviewed recently on Sky News, on the Business Channel


Bob Ansett in the ABC-hosted debate on De-amalgamation, held on the Sunshine Coast.  Bob and 'Friends of Noosa' went on to win victory in a historic vote in March 2013 that saw a landslide 80% in favour.  Read more.